Let me begin by saying that I am a ‘slight’ second career pastor.  I spent six years working in Civil Engineering and Public Works prior to giving in to the nagging God that had pestered me for decades.

That is to say that during my undergraduate days I spent many hours in math, physics, and various science related courses.

The current climate of anti-intellectualism, and particularly anti-science is not only a ridiculous antinomianism, but it threatens the biosphere.

Several of those early years of my working life I spent in field services during construction of EPA funded projects to improve wastewater and water treatment.  Then I spent a couple of years in management of just those kinds of facilities.  During this time I witnessed first hand a lot of precious public dollars being spent on projects that were designed and built by small and regional businesses.

The 1970’s and 1980’s marked a significant improvement in the environment.  This change was a product of science, and a willingness to spend important public dollars in the service of this same environment.

It appears as though there is a growing trend to deny quite simple scientific facts, not because they are in question, scientifically, but because their acceptance would morally and ethically demand a response that would put in jeopardy profits.

So let’s call this propagation of alt-facts what it is: greed.  Follow the money in these denials.

Other denials have been based upon ‘religious beliefs.’  To give this argument any traction requires that one understand science as being incongruent with faith.  This, to me, is a ridiculous and dangerous dualism.  It is also a false assertion.  Religious texts, scripture, were never intended to be science books.

But we live in a society that is comfortable with lies being regularly and constantly offered as truth, as if their repetition made them facts.  The cool thing about science is that when approached with diligence and an open mind, the truth emerges and lies are debunked.  That is why Bill Nye is back to ‘save the world.’

Humanity has a lot to lose in this fight.  The biosphere is threatened.  I am in the ecosystem’s corner on this one…my religious texts suggest somewhere that I was created to till and to keep, not to destroy.  If you are more interested in profits than clean water, melting ice caps, and climate change, then just be honest about it.  Don’t insult science. Don’t wave the religion flag.  I call BS.