I was not ready to spend too much time remembering 9/11 events yesterday. I am thankful for first responders and am in awe of their dedication and courage. It’s just that sometimes remembrances like this keep a deep hatred simmering, and I would rather not participate in that.

Last night at the dinner table we talked about where we were that day. I was the Assistant Administrator at one of our long term care Church Homes. After the initial shock, I went out to the nursing floor to check on the residents who at that time of day would have been watching the morning news. I found one of our residents, a 97 year old, comforting a distraught nurses aide, caressing her head, saying, “we have been through difficult times before, God will help us get through this.”

Hers was not a pollyanish response, but one born of experience: the Great Depression, world war 2, unknown personal and family trials and tribulations.

On this date I will always remember this lady’s realism, but also her faith and hope.