Just the other day I responded to an email one of our Deacons sent out, giving praise to God for our Christmas concert. I replied to all, saying,

One of the beautiful things about last night was/is the Body of Christ, present, in the whole event. ‘There are a variety of gifts,’ writes St. Paul, ‘but the same Spirit gives them.’

Some sang, some played, some organized, some baked, some welcomed, some shepherded children to rehearsals, some cleaned up, you get the idea. No one discussed the particularities of budget, nor was there any arguments about some ‘profane’ matter. We simply banded together, used the gifts God gives us, and proclaimed the Gospel to a weary world.

As the Celt’s say, I found last night a ‘thin place’ where God’s presence was close…the distance between heaven and earth was minute.

Thank you everyone for sharing your gifts.

It occurs to me that what we experienced is truly a Body of Christ moment. See, our congregation is pretty large, with multiple interest groups, varied stakeholders if you will. There are multiple expressions of ministry held by widely diverse constituencies, whether measured by age, gender, socioeconomic status, level of education, or political persuasion.

Yet at our best, the differences live side by side with a connection: ministry.

Gil Rendle (who a few of our folk heard speak recently) once said,

a major learning of the wilderness, however, is that the opposite of multiple, often competing, differences that have now divided us…is not a singular identity but a shared center.