My oldest son is ventilator dependent at night. He has been so since he was a small child. We have struggled with/against our health care provider for 23 years…even though it is a denominational policy.

We have been overjoyed that he has been a little too normal. Graduated from college in public policy. Did an internship in Washington (unfortunately in Brownback’s office). He has somehow become a rabid republican. I really don’t mind, and I am proud of him being so involved in the political process.treatment_radiation2A

Then came the healthcare discussion late this summer.  Today, out there in cyberspace, he has made comments about the ‘liberals who make him laugh.’ And, he’s derided the whole Obama effort at reform.

I don’t suppose that he’d remember when I stood in the lobby at the state house and spoke on the need for health care reform 20 years ago.

I don’t think that he recalls when I have resorted to filing complaints with the Insurance Commission in our state when our insurance company (wrongly) denied coverage.

And, I suppose that he has somehow developed amnesia that he is dependent, in part, on Medicaid, after my insurance, which I have worked so hard to maintain for him; to pay for nursing coverage so he can live independently while in graduate school.

On my Facebook Status today I said: Nobody should die because they cannot get healthcare; no one should go broke because they get sick. That’s when he posted a note about how all these health care status’ make him sick (no pun intended).

What it does is moves me to tears. I do not believe there is anything wrong with our healthcare. There are big problems with who has access to it and how we pay for it.  Don’t get me started about insurance company profits.  We can provide the best care in the world, if you have the money to pay for it. I am sad, because until it changes for the worse (for people like me and my son) we will not realize how selfish we have been…how as long as I get mine, the heck with everyone else.

This whole debate skewers my heart…because we are not talking about abstractions. We are talking about people, people I love.

I do not believe people of faith, any Abrahamic faith for that matter, can deny this basic service to everyone.  The Public Option is not, in my view, some sort of socialist plot.  It is an issue of faith.  God shows a preference, and it is for the poor and the marginalized, the sick and the suffering.  We cannot do any less.