I wasn’t sure just what the Madpriest was talking about http://revjph.blogspot.com/2009/07/grand-tufti-has-spoken.html until I read the New York Times this morning http://digg.com/d3ysiK?t. The push in this dialogue from Canterbury is that some will be ‘second class’ citizens of the world wide communion. Isn’t that what is in existence now? Even in my own denomination, GLBT concerns are at best only tolerated and at worst only whispered. The sad, sad thing is that the church sometimes (read most of the time) claims to be something it isn’t.  Too often we are not welcoming, we are not accepting, we do not do well by ‘the least of these, my brothers and sisters.’  Unfortunately, many of us watch on the sidelines, unable to avert our gaze, knowing that a crash is coming.