I just came home from a meeting with an ‘interfaith’ group. In my neck of the woods that means we include the rabbi.

Like most meetings of congregations, the real meeting starts after the meeting. We were lamenting the ridiculous posturing and partisan noise coming out of Washington around health care reform.

Some of us were surprised about the ‘looming threat’ of rationing. Threat? We have rationing now! Just try to get something other than a generic drug from your health plan. Or, how about the unequal opportunities for access in the first place? No one want’s sick people in their ‘pool’ of participants. No pre-existing conditions! Rationing? We ration now.

I wish I had some revelation to share with you about fixing this health care mess, but I don’t. We are religious leaders, not miracle workers.

What we did agree upon is that the resolution will indicate if we are a people who are really interested in “freedom and justice for all.”